Do you feel Like your home
​doesn't fit your life anymore?

5 Steps to Easily and Effortlessly
Up-Size into Your Forever Home...
The D.R.E.A.M. Method

It was great at first, but now your current house just isn't working for your family anymore...

Need A More Spacious Home?

Maybe you're having children or combining households with a new partner. Or you're finally able to work from home and need a home office. Your life is growing, and the space you had when you first moved in just isn't enough anymore. 

Need More Quality Upgrades?

As you've grown in your career you want your home to better reflect the success you've had and the lifestyle you're living now. Whether it's a dream kitchen or better space for entertaining, you're ready to upgrade your home.

Need a Family Friendly Location?

The places that are most important to you have changed. You need a family friendly neighbourhood with a private yard where the kids are safe and you can relax. Maybe you want to get your kids zoned for a specific school.

You know that you need to move but...

Every time you start thinking about it, it stresses you out, and you decide to put it on the back burner?

Stopping You

  • Overwhelmed
    Between school, work, holidays, family commitments, and all of life's other curve balls, you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water as it is. You feel like there's never going to be a GOOD time to make the move.
  • Stressed
    You imagine the disturbance and sense of invasion that would come with having your home on the market - having to keep your house - which you and your family live in! - clean and organized enough for a showing at all times. Then, dealing with the inevitable repairs, inspections, appraisals? And who knows how long you'd have to have it on the market before it sells.
  • Worried
    You're scared of biting off more than you can chew and having to pay two mortgage payments at the same time. You know that you can't even begin to think about buying a home until your current one is sold - or at least under contract.

Motivating You

  • Frustration
    Sometimes, it feels like the walls are closing in around you. No one has any personal space. You feel like you're on top of each other every minute of the day, creating an under current of tension and frustration. You crave peace.
  • Anxiety
    Maybe your kids are sharing a bedroom or bathroom... and it's working for now, but you know it won't as they get older. You feel guilty that they don't have any personal space from each other and you worry that this may have negative effects on the relationship. There's not much of a yard either, and the idea of raising your children without a safe area for them to play outside tugs at your heart strings.
  • Irritation
    There just isn't enough storage space in the house and everything seems to wind up in the No-Car garage. Winters coming and you don't even have enough room to fit a snow blower let alone a car!


You keep trying to bury the thoughts that say you have to move. You try to make it work. But something keeps popping up to remind you... this house is no longer working for your family and doesn't fit your life anymore.  You know you need to move and you need a proven strategy to easily and effortlessly up-size to your Forever Home ...

Let's Get Started...

Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1. 

Get Free E-Book

Get my free 5 Step D.R.E.A.M. Method E-Book and learn how to  Easily and Effortlessly Up-Size into your Forever Dream Home. I've created the D.R.E.A.M. method to protect your interests, your money, your time, and your energy. 

Step 2. 

Book A Strategy Call

This initial phone call is designed to get clarity on exactly what your goals are, what kind of home you're looking to move up to, and decide whether it makes sense for us to work together. We'll discuss how I can help you move up and embrace the life you deserve.

Step 3. 

In-Person Consultation

We'll schedule a time to meet in person to review my proven process in depth, discussing exactly how I can help you easily and effortlessly sell your home so you can move up to a new home that fits your life. My proven process allows you to focus on living your life, not stressing about the details of your move.

Most Realtors see it as their job to facilitate a transaction. Period. Not me.

I understand not only the reasons behind WHY you feel like it's necessary for you and your family to move - NOW - but I also understand how daunting and overwhelming the entire process can seem. Realizing your vision can feel like a distant dream. Life is already busy enough - trust me, I understand.

The Client Experience


Professionalism, Care and Attention to Detail

Mark has helped my family on multiple real estate deals and I can say for certain that his professionalism, care and attention to detail are second to none! I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for real estate help!

Bob Fraser Jr

Kept Me Up to Date and In the Loop

Mark exceeded my expectations and the part of the experience I liked the most was how he kept me up to date and in the loop. He works hard! I would recommend Mark to family and friends every chance I get!

Gary and Jennifer Moorby

Honest Advice and Personal Attention

Mark came recommended to us by a family friend and he has continually impressed us by his level of dedication, his honest advice and his personal attention. We've been very happy to refer him to family and friends.

Michael and Anita Healy
Get My Free Guide and Find Out How to Easily and Effortlessly Up-Size into Your Forever Home!
Once you've followed The D.R.E.A.M Method, you will have sold your home and successfully up-sized into a new home that allows you to live your best life.
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